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DIVINE PLANE ft Stu Block (ex-Iced Earth) [Single 2021]

Serpent Lord releases its last single from "Apocrypha" album on November 19th. The song is called "Divine Plane" and Stu Block (ex- Iced Earth, Annihilator, Into Eternity), participates in as a guest! The music is produced by George Stournaras at Infected Studios, while the music video is a work from Giannis Antoniou. The song is an epic and intense heavy metal anthem with a strong riff, an irresistible pace and lyrics about the God, the Devil, betrayal and Free Will.

CURSED ROOTS - [Single 2021]

"Cursed Roots" was released on October 29th and it's a progressive and atmospheric occult metal song with a great variety on vocals. The song is like a fairytale and the lyric video was made by Giannis Antoniou.

Cursed Roots single.jpg

On June 25th 2021 the band releases its first single of the upcoming album and the first single via From The Vaults records. The recordings were done on summer 2020 at Infected Studios with George Stournaras (Mass Infection) as a producer. Serpent Lord proudly presented a lyric video of the song, made by Giannis Antoniou, once again.

THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS - [Single 2020]

During the worldwide pandemic, the band took the opportunity to deliver “The Gospel of Judas” on December 15th 2020, which was recorded on summer 2020 at Infected Studios, with George Stournaras (Mass Infection) as producer, once again. The band also released a new lyric video for the song, made by Giannis Antoniou.

HORNED GOD - [Double Single 2019]

On November 26th 2019, Serpent Lord (GR) released their double-sided single entitled “Horned God”, which includes the song “Horned God” and a cover of Death’s “Sacred Serenity” [], with clean vocals. Both the new song and the cover, show a more aggressive, progressive and atmospheric approach of the band. The single has gained great reviews from the fans and the press worldwide.


The recordings were done at Infected Studios (summer 2017-winter 2018) with George Infected (Mass Infection) as a producer. George managed to give a late eighties –early nineties sound to the band, being influenced from Iced Earth’s and Death’s sound, but with a modern aspect. On May 14 2018, the band released its first video clip taken from the album, for “The Lesser Key” []. The music video was directed by Bob Katsionis (guitars/keyboards at Firewind, Outloud).

The bands debut album “Towards the Damned” was released on September 14th 2018 via Alcyone Records which received rave reviews. The album contained 10 powerful songs, from which one is instrumental, one is an atmospheric ballad and another one is written in Phrygian language. The album was selected as "Album of the Month" on the Greek Metal Hammer, while it gained great reviews from Powerplay Magazine, Fireworks, Rock Overdose,, Rock Hard Greece, Ultraje, etc.

A couple of months after the album’s release, on December 22nd, the band released its second video clip for the song “Seed of Divine” [], once again directed by Bob Katsionis. Serpent Lord’s third video clip is for the song “Ambassador of the New Age” [] (released on April 22nd 2019) and it’s a live music video, video shot by Christos Manidakis and edited/directed by Giannis Antoniou.

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