Dear clergy,

We are honored to announce that on June 25th we will release a new song called "Hail to Nothingness" via From The Vaults records! The song is coming from our upcoming album which is coming in the last quarter of the year!

"“Hail to Nothingness” is our first single released From The Vaults and we couldn’t be happier about it", bassist Konstantinos Sotirelis comments. "It’s a song about people’s hunt for love, hope, God, someone to save us from our dark thoughts and desires, whilst understanding that all of our scars and sacrifices are meaningless. This awakening makes us realize that we are devoted to nothingness since birth. In this particular story, the hero, foretells his suicide hoping to be relieved. Finally, he perceives that this fate is Hell".

Get ready to be baptized to the eerie sound of the Serpent!

Are you ready to be Damned?

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