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Tracklist, album cover & title for the upcoming album

Dear clergy,

We wish to inform you that our new album called "APOCRYPHA" will be released on December 17th via From The Vaults records.

This album is our most dark, aggressive and melodic music. This album is about our darkest thoughts, our deepest regrets. It's an album about life and death, love and hate, trust and betrayal, God and Devil. It is an album about the things we have buried deep, beneath our heart, into the APOCRYPHA parts of our Damned souls.

Get ready to be baptized to the eerie sound of the Serpent.

Are you ready to be Damned?



1) The Final Horseman 2) Divine Plane 3) Hail to Nothingness 4) Love Covenant

5) Inner Darkness

6) Damned to Live

7) Evil Source

8) Humanity’s End

9) Cursed Roots

The album cover is a painting by Maximos Manolis

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